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Open Source Ventilator

We are making a turbine based open source
medical ventilator.


PRVC, Pressure Support, SIMV, etc



Live Wireless Video, Stare Climbing, Robust Design, Customizable as Per Customer Request


Security, Monitoring, Explosive Identification

Motor Driver Shield with Bluetooth

(With Wireless Code Upload Capability)

- Arduino Motor Driver (2 motors)
- Directly Code upload with Mobile App
- Mount directly with Various Arduino Model
- Don’t need computer to upload code
- Plug & Play


Mobile Control Robot, Data Logger, Line Follower Robot, Bluetooth Related Projects, Data Logger, etc.

motor driver shield plus bluetooth code uploader



Ground Control Station
Customizable as Per Customer Requirement
Live Wireless Video
Autonomous Flight


Military Operation, Security, Monitoring

Robo Course

Learning App for Robotics, IoT, Programming, Electronics.
100+ Electronics Calculators
The Latest Tech News
Download Datasheet

Learning App for Robotics, IoT, Programming, Electronics, etc.
100+ Electronics Calculators
The Latest Tech News
Easy to Find Datasheet

Electronics Plus

Learning App for Robotics, IoT, Programming, Electronics.
100+ Electronics Calculators
The Latest Tech News
Download Datasheet

3500+ Datasheet
100+ Electronics Calculators
Learning Resources
Drone, RC Plane Calculator

Image is not available
Octocopter Drone
Image is not available
Our CEO Kissing His OWN Made Drone
Image is not available
We Made drone as per customer Order

Highly Customizable As Per Customer Order
We have experience to work with Bangladesh Army
Autonomous & Manual Flight
Fixed wing & Multi Rotor Drone

Master Planner

Trello Type Project Planner
Secret To-do
Full Privacy
Google Drive Backup

Digital Pocket Lab - 1 (Open Source)
digital pocket lab front side
ict pocket lab
Digital Pocket Lab Specially Designed for HSC ICT Course

Digital IC : AND, OR, NAND, XOR, NOR, NOT , J-K Flip Flop
Battery Include in the Kit Box
Easy to Use Hand Book Included

security device


GSM Based Security Device

(Intruder Detector)

Call & SMS Alert Upon Detection
1 Minute Installation
15 Days Battery Backup
Support All Types of SIM
Password Protected
Intelligent Super Power Saver
Works without Internet or WiFI Network

Other Apps
Image is not available

300000+ Downloads

Image is not available

15000+ Downloads

Image is not available
LM2576/96 Calculator

27000+ Downloads

Image is not available

7000+ Downloads

Image is not available

105500+ Downloads

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Bluetooth Motor Driver
Arduino Wireless Code uploader
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Digital Pocket Lab-1
Digital Lab Kit - ICT HSC Students
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Image is not available
Security Device
GSM Based Security Device
Image is not available
App - Robotics, Electronics, Tech News
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Meet Our Team

Syed Razwanul Haque(Nabil)
Founder & CEO
Experience in Electronics, Robotics, Drone, IoT & Product Design.
B.Sc. & M.S. in Physics, SUST.
Other: CTO, Cybernetics Robo Ltd
Ex Team Leader, SUST Drone Team
Ex Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE
Forhad Ahmed
Advisor, Software Division
Ex Software Engineer, Google
Founder & CEO, AlgoMatrix
maruf hussain crux
Maruf Hossain (Rahat)
UAV & Circuit Designer
Ex UAV Designer, SUST Drone Team
M.S. in Physics, SUST
Fozle Rabbi Shafi
Lead Software Engineer
Experience in Mobile App & Web Development.
B.Sc. in CSE, MU
satye ranjan sir
Satya Ranjan Sarkar
Advisor, Hardware Division
25 Years plus Experience in professional circuit design.
Specialized in Power Circuit.
Managing Director, Oishi Electronics
Hasan Sohag
Lead PCB & Mechanical Design Engineer
Experience in Electronics Circuit, PCB, Robotics & Mechanical Design.

About Us

CRUX is a technology Startup lead by some passionate & professional Researchers, Entrepreneurs & Developers. We are the only company in Bangladesh who works in Embedded System, Robotics and Software altogether.

We have extensive experience on drones, mobile and web application, robotics and embedded system. We already launched some products as a starting to support our upcoming projects. Before forming CRUX, our researchers and developers successfully worked with some cutting edge technology like Ground Control Station Based Drone, Unmanned Under Water Vehicle, Digital Braille Reader, Cluster Computer, Military Robot etc. We are currently actualizing some great ideas which will be implemented soon & we are looking for investor.


What We Do


We develop customize robots for various application as per clients need. Such as Rescue Robot, Line Follower Robot, etc.

App Development

Our app development includes various backend based apps & Apps for hardware controlling. Our Latest Apps are Qxm & Ventilator Controller.

Electronics & IoT

We have been developing analog and digital circuit, IoT Devices, Security Device, Home Automation, Lab Automation and Drone Control System.


We develop various types of Drone includes Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter, Fixed Wing Drone as per customer order.


Our company has diverse types of expertise which enable us to help your project to come into light.

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Our Partners


robo course app
Robo Course App
Learning App for Arduino, Robotics, Electronics, IoT, Programming etc.
Image is not available
Electronics Plus App
100+ Electronics Calculators, Lots of Datasheet, Learning Resources
Image is not available
Turbine Testing
Turbine Testing of Our Open Source Ventilator.
Image is not available
Covid-19: DIY Face-shield & Other things
We have made the most affordable and easy to made Face-shield for Doctors. SUST Covid-19 Lab using our 3D Printed face-sheld (not this one).
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